The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics

The Research Department


The Research Department is part of the International Network of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics [Haifa].

The Department will enhance knowledge concerning bioethics and related fields through initiating and facilitating collaboration among the Units of the International Network. The research collaboration will include systematic inquiry and analysis of ethical principles and application of bioethics theory and practice, and will encompass research, using various methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, and conceptual). The Department will follow the principles of bioethics as defined in the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights.

The Department will help Units to design, plan and manage their research concerning bioethics, and to advance the knowledge concerning decision making on ethical issues and human rights.  

The Department will establish a system for the evaluation of research proposals and existing studies in the field of bioethics, including the definition of standards of research quality. The Department will identify and enlist potential funding resources for bioethics research, and disseminate such knowledge among the Units. The Department will support young scholars, including mentorships and cooperation between novice and experienced researchers. The Department will consider the possibility of holding meetings as an important mechanism for permitting exchange of experience in the area of research on bioethics and related fields. The Department will consider the possibility of establishing and managing an international scientific journal dedicated to bioethics research and related fields.

The Department will work in close connection with the Heads of the Units and Education Department of the International Network.

The Department will make promotion and monitoring of joint international research projects. The Department will be doubled layered, consisting of a Steering Committee and the research assembly; the Head of the Chair will appoint the Head and the Co- Head of the Department.


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