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Teaching Ethics in Organ Transplantation and Tissue Donation Cases and Movies
F\pub_doc\F8CCC6474765746A\封面.jpg ISBN: 978-3-941875-40-1
Publication Date: 2010
Categories: Case book series
Silke Schicktanz, Claudia Wiesemann, Sabine Wöhlke (Eds.), In cooperation with Amnon Carmi


Organ transplantation is a thrilling new option in modern surgery giving hope for chronically ill patients, and at the same time, stirring controversial ethical questions on human identity and the meaning of the human body. Being a global and transnational endeavor, organ transplantation raises universal ethical concerns and, yet, has to be adapted to cultural media and beliefs. In this book , 30 case studies collected from all over the world, illustrate the range of global and local, ethical, social and cultural problems associated with this new treatment Together with a list of relevant movies, the collection provides a unique source for ethics education in medicine, health care, philosophy and religious studies. The authors have completed the teaching material by a systematic introduction into the field of transplantation ethics.

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