It is said that seven out of this people are severely overweight, and every third is obese. And so far, there is no indication that this trend will reverse, on the contrary, further growth should be expected. Every year, with the new year, many of us decide to lose weight and change our eating habits. How many will stick to this resolution?

It is the law that many of us make such resolutions, but most of us have enough zeal to stick to them only at the beginning of the year. And January has been a month in which trainers and nutritionists have a lot of work. Then the enthusiasm wears off a bit, but year after year you can see that more and more people manage to take care of healthy eating throughout the year, which makes me very happy. I don’t know if taking care of your own health should be associated with New Year’s resolutions. It should just be a habit. We have one health and it is worth taking care of it by eating healthy and keeping fit.

Where do we start the change in the way we eat?

Where do we start the change in the way we eat?

Regardless of whether we want to lose excess weight or improve research results, we must start by reviewing what we eat, and not immediately counting calories. Counting on it will not help much if our menu will still be dominated by low-quality products with a small content of valuable ingredients. That is why there is so much truth in the popular phrase – you are what you eat. It is always worth consulting a specialist before changing your eating habits.

Can you point out things that should be given up and that are worth introducing?

Of course I can, but first the general rule – as little highly processed food as possible in our daily diet. So we give up buns, sausages, sausages, cookies, chocolates, chips. We replace it with cereals, groats, rice or meat in its pure form.

And what is worth introducing? First of all, water. We drink far too little fluids. So if we want to start an adventure with changing eating habits and eating healthy, let’s first check how much water we drink a day. The cardiological norm is thirty milliliters per kilogram of body weight.

How to convince yourself to drink water?

There is no general recipe, everyone should find their own way, because we are very different. I can suggest that there are various types of applications that will count how much water we have drunk and will remind us that it’s time for another portion. If you work at a desk, put a bottle or glass of water on it. When we see it, we increase the likelihood of drinking it. You can add lemon, mint, a pinch of salt to the water, you can make a healthy isotonic drink by adding honey and salt to the water.

And how to recharge your batteries, because I am sure that you eat healthy? First of all, I have been physically active for years. It was this love for sport that resulted in my interest in dietetics. Over the years, I knew this was what I wanted to do in my life. There is nothing better than when your passion becomes your profession. I am constantly expanding my knowledge of healthy eating. I relax by exercising at the gym, and I recharge my batteries best by spending time with my family. With his active lifestyle, he wants to infect others and promote it.